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Oatmeal with a Kick!!

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Iss' Magic Mixes

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Iss’ Magic Mixes is a family owned and operated company that is focused on bringing healthy palatable foods to life. My name is Melissa, but to my family I am known as "Iss" - a nickname that came about when my brother couldn't pronounce my name as a child. He called me "Issa" and through the years it got shortened to "Iss" and it stuck. Since I created this mix specifically for my dad, I thought it only appropriate to give it the name I am best known by amongst my family.

As a mom who encourages health and a daughter to someone with diabetes, I have dedicated my life to creating foods that are healthy and delicious. The idea behind Iss' Magic Mixes was to come up with something that was versatile enough to fit into the foods that my family enjoys and incorporate ingredients that would help reverse some of the effects of industrialized foods.

When my father was diagnosed with Type II diabetes, I took to heart his biggest complaint that "all health food tastes like a box." Being certified as a nutritionist and fitness trainer, I had one goal in mind: making healthy food taste decadent. This magical blend of ingredients was my gift to my father to help him regulate his blood sugar, speed up his metabolism, stabilize his blood pressure, and help him just feel great - all while enjoying a delicious, healthy breakfast again. That's how Iss' Magic Mixes was born.

The current food distribution structure of our day is one that is nutrient devoid and loaded with calories and chemicals. That's why I designed this mix - to help lower high blood pressure, to help regulate blood sugar by having a low glycemic index, to help regulate and maintain a healthy weight, and to give you the much needed Omega 3's and 6's that today’s American diet is sorely missing. It even helps with many digestive problems that people suffer from today.

Iss' Magic Mix is packed full of fiber, iron, Omega 3, and protein. My family loves mixing it into everything from yogurts to garden burgers! We eat it plain, as a hot breakfast, a pre-meal for working out… you name it! This mix was especially designed for those who love food like we do.

Foodies everywhere love Iss’s Magic Mixes and we know that you will too!

Here's to your health …and your palate!

- Melissa J Seil-Webb - CFT, SNS, CSFS

Our Schedule:

Oatmeal Cafe in Mesa 7-2

Oatmeal Cafe in Mesa 7-2
Up Town Farmers Market on Bethany Home & Central 8-1

Oatmeal Cafe in Mesa 7-2

Oatmeal Cafe in Mesa 7-2

Oatmeal Cafe 7-2

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